Two years of Epsilon Aviation

Hello All,

This weekend marks the second anniversary of this hobby aviation blog. I enjoy writing an article on a weekly basis about a topic in aviation.

The focus recently shifted towards airline-oriented topics. This is because of my background. My day job is in the financial industry so it is better suited to analyze airlines’ financial performance.

It is beyond the scope and knowledge of this blog to perform detailed aircraft performance analysis. I aim at performing a reasonable back of the envelope (or using epsilons to use math terminology) analysis when the article requires it. Other blogs have far better insight into what is going on with aircraft and engine OEMs.

Below are the 20 most read articles since the blog inception:

  1. Is the A350-1000 ULR or 777-8 X favorite for Qantas’ project sunrise?
  2. What can and can’t the A321XLR do?
  3. Which airlines is Airbus targeting to launch the A321 XLR?
  4. How should Emirates restructure its gargantuan order book?
  5. How large is the market for the A350-900 ULR and how much does it cost to operate it?
  6. Why is Icelandair considering a switch to the A321neo?
  7. Would the A321 XLR or Boeing New Middle Aircraft be better for airlines?
  8. Are the 787-9, 777-9 and 777-200LR viable Project Sunrise stopgap options?
  9. How strong is the business case for an A350neo or 787MAX?
  10. Project Sunrise aside, is there a market for the 777-8?
  11. Who will be the most impacted by a delayed entry into service of the Boeing NMA?
  12. What went wrong with the Airbus A380?
  13. Why did Air New Zealand order 8 787-10?
  14. Which airlines will place the next breakthrough orders for the slow-selling 777X and A350-1000?
  15. Why does Air Canada want to purchase Air Transat?
  16. Why did Air France order another 10 A350-900s?
  17. How can Thai Airways do a cost-efficient fleet renewal?
  18. What are the sales prospects for the 777X?
  19. Why aren’t the A319neo and 737 MAX 7 selling?
  20. If launched, how would the smaller NMA stack against its closest competitor and predecessors?

Project Sunrise, the A321 XLR, Boeing NMA, and 777X are unsurprisingly among the most popular topics. Below are a few posts that, in my opinion, should have been in the top 20:

Thank you for your continued reading! This is what keeps the motivation up to write every week.

Best Regards,

Epsilon Aviation


5 thoughts on “Two years of Epsilon Aviation

  1. Thank you ever so much for sharing so generously on a weekly basis your knowledge and expertise on aviation. It is a true pleasure for me to read each and every article. Abrazo, amigo!


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